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Britain set to foggy

Getting mist on New Year’s Eve! Britain is set for FOGGY and damp end to 2018 with mild 57F highs.



It was one of the warmest years on record, but it looks like 2018 will end on a mild and cloudy theme for Britain.

While the country enjoys warmer conditions than Turkey and

Greece, it won’t stop New Year revellers from struggling to see their firework displays through the thick bouts of fog.

And those hoping for some snow shouldn’t get their hopes up, with temperatures almost double what we would usually see at this time of year.

Southern England and Wales are all expected to see cloudy but dry times throughout Saturday, but this is set to act as a blanket and create warmer temperatures – with East Anglia being hit with Spring-like highs of 57F (14C).The worst of the weather will be concentrated in Scotland and northern England, where outbreaks of rain are expected to fall and gusty winds will remain.

It will eventually peter out to the far North East with the wind easing up in the afternoon, before returning again on Sunday morning.Met office meteorologist Alex Deakin said: ‘Further north the weather turns a good deal more lively.

‘A very blustery start to the weekend particularly in Scotland, some very gusty winds here slowly easing through the morning. Outbreaks of rain across northern Scotland too.’

Northern Ireland will see the best of the weather as it remains dry and sunny until late afternoon.Temperatures for the north of England over this weekend are set to hit 48F to 50F (9C to 10C), while the south will see slightly warmer temperatures of up to 53F (12C).

The Met added that Brits won’t see ‘too many’ weather issues as it looks largely dry for this New Year’s Eve.

But with a high amount of fog expected, motorists have been warned to keep an eye on their speeds.

Ella Colley from Halfords says: ‘Statistically, fog is the most dangerous driving hazard. Drivers should keep their fog lights on but do not switch on the high beam as this directs light into the fog, making it more difficult to see.

‘It is easy to speed in fog because landmarks that allow judgement of speed are difficult to see. Keep an eye on the speedometer to ensure a sensible speed. If motorists can’t see 12 metres ahead they need to be driving at less than 20mph.’

Temperatures across Britain will be well above average for the time of year, with Sunday predicted to be warmer than many European holiday destinations, as Istanbul only makes it to 45F (7C) and Athens to 54F (12C).

Forecasters expect this year to end with temperatures of up to 55F (13C) in southern England – and even Scotland seeing highs of 48F (9C) – along with cloudy skies and only a few patches of drizzle over higher ground.

It has remained fairly dry across the country in recent days, which looks set to continue for the next week. The Met Office said changeable weather from the Atlantic was being kept at bay by high pressure above Britain.It comes after a mild Christmas Day and Boxing Day which saw highs of about 55F (13C) – both days in the Scottish Highlands – compared to the average for this time of year of about 46F (8C) to 48F (9C).

Met Office forecaster Dean Hall said: ‘New Year’s Eve will generally be quite cloudy and relatively mild for the time of year, nothing exceptional but certainly mild.

‘There is an area of high pressure to the south of the UK keeping things stable but there is still a fair amount of cloud around bringing some patches of rain to the north and west.’

He continued: ‘The north of the British Isles will be a bit more more unsettled, we will see a westerly wind, so it will be quite fresh and gusty at times.’Mr Hall said the UK was currently ‘sandwiched’ between an area of high pressure to the south and low pressure to the far north. ‘It’s that area of high pressure that is keeping things settled and those patches of rain will mainly be over the hills, moors and over the Pennines,’ he said.

He added that, despite calm conditions elsewhere, the Shetlands and the Orkney Isles could expect some fairly windy weather. ‘It will be fairly mild everywhere as far as temperatures go.

‘It will likely be in double figures in the south, 10C (50F), 12C (54F) or even 13C (55F) in some sheltered spots,’ he said. You have to bear in mind the average is 46F (8C) to 48F (9C).’

Mr Hall said it was likely to be a bit colder further north, but still with highs of 10C to 11C (51.8F).


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