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California shooting: Man shares video of on Instagram

Heard about the California shooting and how some lives were wasted? It was really serious as the culprit was also posting the video of his inappropriate act while carrying out his actions.

Reports has it that the man who shot 12 people dead and injured many more during a shooting at a California bar was also posting on Instagram during the mass killing.

According to law enforcement officials, shooter whose name is “Ian Long” was holding a gun in one hand and his phone in the other as he indiscriminately killed people inside the bar.

Reports also showed that, as he carried out the shooting, he keeps posting messages to his Instagram story in real time.

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The videos of the shooting remained up on Long’s social media profile for hours without him deleting it after the shooting. The police, having discovered this filed a report and asked Instagram to remove his account with immediate effect, according to the same report.

Some of the messages may have indicated the shooting was the result of a grudge, it said.

Police continue to search for a motive or any clear understanding of why Long walked into the Borderline Bar and Grill late on Thursday and killed as many people as he could and also injured some.

Some of the Videos that were posted on Instagram showed how people from inside the venue fled for their dear lives after the attack.. It was an horrific scene

The pathetic part of it is that some of those injured and killed inside the country music venue had survived the festival in Las Vegas where Stephen Paddock opened fire and killed 58 people in the most deadly mass shooting in US history.

Those that lost their lives, may their soul rest in perfect peace; and a quick recovery to those who got injured.


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