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There are numerous technologies drifting in 2018 yet beneath recorded technologies rule 2018 and stand out as truly newsworthy.

1) Driver-less Cars


The development race for self-driving cars was the major fodder for news channels around the world in 2017. The concept of self-driving cars has attracted some big corporations such as Google, Tesla, Mercedes and more in an arms race for introducing the first driver-less cars on the road.

self driving car

2) AI (Artificial Intelligence) OR IoT (Internet of Things)


2017 witnessed the marvel of AlphaGo Zero when it taught itself the game of Go became its best player ever in just 40 days. And it did all that without any human data or interference.


3) Prescriptive Analytics

Large organizations and companies started working on Big Data and created their way to be better at predictive analytics. This was helping medium and large businesses tremendously for improving customer experience, processes and many other things.

4) Edge Computing

Edge computing is the key factor in making IoT (Internet of Things) work. There has been an unprecedented rise in data generation which has led to an increase in demand for means of gathering, storing and utilizing all of that data in more compatible and centralized means.

5) Wearable Tech

Track your health using technology that is wearable and helps you measure the status of your health when you exercise. Wearable technology comes with many features that are futuristic and accurate.

6) 5G Technology

4G technology reached its peak in application in the year 2017 and 2018 has been predicted as the year which finally gives us the next set of communication technology in the series; the 5G.

7) Seamless Voice Recognition (Conversation with Machines)

Voice recognition technology has always been viewed as a helping but unreliable assistance. But all that may change in 2018 with the rise of sophisticated voice and speech recognition technology.



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