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December 31 is the latest day to get iPhone battery replacement at a limited cost and in Mumbai in any event, the surge is genuine. Contraptions 360 noticed a stamped increment in buyers attempting to get their batteries supplanted nearer to the due date. For the individuals who are uninformed, Apple confessed to backing off old iPhones to forestall unforeseen shutdowns and to make up for this. This plan is legitimate for the iPhone SE, iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s Plus, iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, and iPhone X.

At an Apple approved administration focus in Colaba, Mumbai, we saw long lines of stroll in clients sitting tight for the required analytic checks before a battery substitution, with hold up times extending near 60 minutes. It’s something we saw direct trying to look at if our of-guarantee iPhone SE was qualified for a battery substitution.

Presently there we saw no less than ten different purchasers stroll in and take tokens to hold up in line to have their iPhones checked, beside an odd demand to have AirPods tidied and another who appeared at get a MacBook Air sent in for fixes.

Obviously, the three counters devoted to iOS gadget issues weren’t capable with lines being longer than they as a rule are on a Friday evening. It was exacerbated by a couple of different clients who appeared in the wake of booking arrangements on the web. The administration focus didn’t have a different segment for these clients; rather they were being permitted to bounce the line, which brought about those as of now lined up feeling aggravated and confounded.

What was fascinating that it was a shifted bundle of individuals at the scene, and not every one of them were from Colaba or even Mumbai, with some from Silvassa and Nagpur, likely on business or work trips. There were bank administrators, undergrads, housewives, businesspeople, and well, people who live and inhale tech like us, toting iPhones going from the iPhone 6 to iPhone 8 Plus, with our own being the main iPhone SE we ran over.

Not every person knew about the terms and conditions under which they’d get a battery substitution. The housewife before us wore what appeared to be an iPhone 6s which had missing screws, a busted home catch, and its screen truly flying out from its edge — plainly a unit that had seen, we should call them, “outsider” fixes. Obviously it wasn’t cleared for substitution.

The understudy beside us with a 16GB iPhone 6 fared better in spite of having his battery wellbeing at 40 percent, irregular close downs and all, being advised he’d inspire a call to come in and get the battery supplanted. It was a typical hold back with iOS fix staff telling about everybody that they would need to hold up a couple of days, and their telephones’ batteries will be supplanted the minute they appeared.

This is on the grounds that the administration focus did not have the essential batteries in stock and needed to call for them from Bengaluru.

The whole procedure was as a distinct difference to our experience two or three weeks back when we turned in a two-year-old iPhone 7 for battery substitution. A diagnostics check took under 10 minutes and following multi day of pausing, we recovered our telephone with a pristine battery.

With respect to our SE? We were respectfully told what we heard the staff tell different clients, they’re out of stock and that they will call us when the batteries are accessible, forewarning us that they’re shut on January 1 for the New Year.


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