Facebook Takes Steps to Prevent Detached Pages

Facebook Takes Steps to Prevent Detached Pages

Facebook will make changes to better prevent users who have had their organisation’s pages detached for violating its rules from using duplicate pages to continue the same activity, it said on Wednesday.

The changes, aimed at further cracking down on content including hate speech, graphic violence and harassment and bullying, will take effect in the next few weeks, the social networking giant said.

The Menlo Park, California-based company said managers of pages will see a new tab from Thursday informing them of Facebook removing content that violates its community standards policies.

Separately, Facebook’s operations chief Sheryl Sandberg revealed on Wednesday that the world’s largest social network needed to win back public trust after facing scandals for violating its users’ privacy.

The social media platform is investing billions of dollars a year to improve the security of its network, Sandberg said in an interview hosted by German newspaper Die Zeit and UK law firm CMS at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland.

“We did not anticipate all of the risks from connecting so many people,” Sandberg said, adding that the site had added features that give users greater control over their personal information.

The 15-year-old technology company has been a darling of California’s Silicon Valley, making stars out of its founder, chief executive and chairman Mark Zuckerberg, and Sandberg, known for her feminist manifesto “Lean In”. But its shares have fallen roughly 33 percent since July to $144 due to concerns about user privacy.


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