AMD Reveals next-gen Radeon VII, launches February 7 for $699

This will compete with Nvidia’s GeForce RTX 2080.

AMD has kept up that it’s not quit in the top of the line designs card space, and today it emerged ready to take care of business with the Radeon VII, the world’s first 7nm GPU for purchasers.

Vega has just existed in 7nm shape, however just in AMD’s Radeon Instinct quickening agents for profound learning outstanding tasks at hand. Conversely, the Radeon VII focuses unequivocally at gamers. We’ll get to a portion of AMD’s execution asserts in a minute, yet first we should go over the specs.

The Radeon VII flaunts 60 register units and 3,840 stream processors running at up to 1.8GHz. It additionally has a liberal edge cradle—16GB of high transfer speed memory (HBM2) conveying 1TB/s of memory transmission capacity. It’s not by any stretch of the imagination an unexpected that AMD is staying with HBM2 rather than GDDR6, as that has been the situation with each Vega show up until this point.

AMD’s reference design follows Nvidia in ditching the blower format, going for a triple fan design instead. That’s probably for the best, as the former blowers could get incredibly loud at higher fan speeds. Plus, AMD apparently still needs to cool a 295W chip.

AMD says its 7nm architecture delivers 25 percent faster performance than the previous model, while consuming the same amount of power. What does that translate into? Here’s a look:

Again, we don’t know what settings AMD is using, but the claim here is that the Radeon VII can keep up with the GeForce RTX 2080 in DirectX 12 and 11 games, and surpass it in Vulkan performance. One thing AMD didn’t mention is real-time ray tracing support, as that’s not included here. Nvidia has the obvious advantage in that regard.

AMD is pricing the Radeon VII at $699, the same as a reference RTX 2080, and $100 cheaper than Nvidia’s Founders Edition. Even if the performance is what AMD claims, the Radeon VII might be a tough sell at that price point, given that it lacks real-time ray tracing and DLSS. We’ll have to wait and see how performance actually shakes out though, as well where street pricing lands.

The Radeon VII will be available February 7. If you’re looking to upgrade now, here are January’s cheap graphics card deals.


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