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The most effective method to apply for college in USA and Canada

Apply through Study Group for fast and simple access to colleges in the USA and Canada.

How would you apply?

Stage 1

Survey and spare your three degree decisions in the ‘My Saved Choices’ tab.

Contact an Enrollment Advisor in the event that you require counsel.

Stage 2

Finish the online application frame.

Your frame will go straightforwardly to an Enrollment Advisor who has involvement in helping understudies from your nation of origin.

On the other hand, you can download the application frame as a PDF, print and sign it, and send us a duplicate by email, fax or post.

Stage 3

Send us your supporting records, including:

Official scholastic transcripts in English

Bank articulations demonstrating adequate supports for multi year

TOEFL/IELTS authentication demonstrating your English level (if available*)

Duplicate of your travel permit recognizable proof page

Your understudy exposition

* Often you needn’t bother with an authority TOEFL or IELTS score to meet all requirements for college based ESL Programs, Bachelor’s degree pathways or Pre-Master’s projects.

What occurs after you have connected?

Our master Student Enrollment Advisors will bolster you through the entire procedure.

We check your application frame and supporting archives are finished and get in touch with you with any inquiries.

We survey your English dialect level and prescribe the best pathway to your favored degree.

We pass your application to college Admissions Departments to survey your scholarly capabilities.

In the event that your application is effective, we send you a formal college acknowledgment letter inside roughly multi week for undergrad programs, and around three to a month for graduate projects.

You should pay a store (refundable if your visa is denied) to affirm your booking.

We will discharge your I-20 migration archive.

You at that point need to apply for an understudy visa or study allow.

Multi month before the beginning of the semester, you should pay your outstanding charges (either in full or your first portion).

Prior to your program begins, we will request that you finish pre-entry records (medicinal, flight subtle elements, and so forth.).

When you touch base in North America, a Study Group delegate can meet you at the air terminal and take you to your college convenience.

Would you be able to exchange from a college in your nation of origin?

On the off chance that you have been an understudy at a certify college in your nation of origin, you can exchange to a degree at a Canadian or American college. You have to present your exchange application alongside confirmed (English) course portrayals, reported long stretches of direction, and an official transcript.


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