Stay perfect in a relationship with Your lady No matter her type

In This article i am going to highlight just few ways on how to stay long, cool and clean in a relationship with a lady no matter what the type she is.


Are you in a relationship with a girl who is very a hurt temper? Are you thinking of breaking up with your current girlfriend?.

I am sure this article will give you a perfect way to stay cool with your girlfriend.

Firstly, ladies are time consumers, they love to stay with a guy who has more time for them than any other thing even than the business the guy is engage into.

The reason why they are like that is because they have a very Impure hormones which always makes them feel that the guy they are in a relationship with is cheating on them one way or the other.

They always like to have a cool time with the person they are dating even when the man or guy has something better to do than staying with them (go for business or Go to work).

Dating such lady doesn’t mean a guy is in a wrong relationship but has to customize the lady to what she want.
What to do?
Always make time for your lady during your free time at home,make her recognize your presence when you are at home, let her know the differences between your presences and your absences.

Stay long on a call with her, she will find it more better and important than talking to her best friend face-to-face.
Moreover did your girlfriend or the lady who usually get pissed off whenever she sees you. Her type maybe quite rare in the community. Did you always feel frustrated too whenever you see her because of how pissed off she usually get when she see you.
This is what to do
stay away from her sometimes if possible three weeks without seeing her but at least call her 7 times in a way that is, once in a day. After that no matter how bad she may feel about you if she still loves you she will felt somehow for you.

with this article i thing you should be able to stay cool and perfect with all kinds of lady you are in a relationship with.


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