Most Americans admit first time sex with a new partner is a flop

When it comes to having sex with a new partner, most Americans admit the first time between the sheets has been ‘terrible’.

Research looking at the sexual confidence of 2,000 Americans found that, when it comes to having sex with a new partner, 56 per cent admitted it had been awkward.

With so many bad first-time experiences with a new partner, it’s no wonder that insecurities are bound to arise.

And the study, which was conducted by OnePoll in conjunction with Pure Romance, found over half of Americans reported feeling anxious before having sex with a new partner.

Most Americans admit first time sex with a new partner is a flopThe leading stress ahead of sex with someone new is worrying about how their body looks (53 per cent), while 48 per cent are worried about making sure they are able to please their partner.

However, failed fumbles early on don’t have to signal the end of a relationship as only three in 10 Americans say they’d actually break things off with someone if the sex was not good the first-time.

In fact, the study found that on average Americans will tolerate 4.5 bad sexual experiences before ending things.

So what exactly constitutes bad sex? 48 per cent of those polled believe that not reaching orgasm is a clear indication that the experience is less than great.

‘Honest, open communication is key when it comes to your sex life,’ said Patty Brisben, Pure Romance Founder & Chairwoman. ‘After all, nothing will change until your partner knows what you like—and how you like it!’

And the good news is, Americans are not defining their relationships based on their first sexual experience – 71 per cent of Americans don’t believe the first time ultimately defines the relationship.

The study also found that with some experimentation, people can gain the confidence to get better and improve their sex lives.

In fact, nine in 10 Americans admit they’ve experimented in the bedroom and as a result, 71 per cent of those have reported that they’ve seen a significant improvement in their sexual performance as a result.

And six in 10 Americans feel like experimenting in the bedroom is a wonderful way to gain some confidence in between the sheets.



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