22 behavior you have to get ‘RID’ if you want him to marry you

Abraham Lincoln was a great president but not a very happy man.

Aside from dealing with the Civil War, coping with the death of two of his sons, and suffering bouts of depression, he and Mary Lincoln had a very unhealthy marriage.

Mary was known to be self-centered, eccentric, prone to outbursts of temper, jealous, and often depressed. Abe would grow silent and distant, take extended trips (up to six months), and withdraw from Mary.

According to historians, it wasn’t until the end of the war that they talked of rekindling their relationship and trying to find happiness. Sadly, Lincoln was killed before that could happen. Mary never recovered and descended into mental illness.

Whether you are a president or a plumber, when your love relationship is unhealthy and unhappy, it infects your entire life. Lincoln recognized this about his own marriage, but unfortunately he lived in a time when marriage counseling wasn’t available and divorce was unthinkable.

Today there are plenty of resources and options for couples who are in an unhealthy relationship. However, we sometimes don’t recognize the signs of real trouble, even though we feel deeply unhappy, lonely, or frightened. It can be hard to admit to ourselves and others that our relationship is anything less than perfect.Acknowledging the problems forthrightly, and seeking help to learn better relationship skills (or make the decision to end the relationship) is the only way to find peace of mind and regain happiness.

Here are 22 casual behavior you have to get ‘RID’ if you want him to marry you :

1. Criticism and ridicule

One or both people constantly criticize and put the other person down. Or they ridicule their partner in front of other people, trying to shame or embarrass them.


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