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Figuring out why we’re constantly picking the wrong guy (or girl) is vital to understanding how to stop the pattern.

If you ask anyone what kind of “type” they’re into, chances are, you’ll get an answer. Everyone has a “genre” of people they’re attracted to, whether it be artsy brunettes or athletic blondes or tattooed musicians or pseudo-hipsters. Physical types are usually the response people give, but occasionally, you’ll get someone who delves a little deeper into what the ideal partner – their go-to partner – would have to offer.

On the flip side of things, you have the types you can’t stop going back to, even if you know better. Maybe the tattooed musician is secretly a major jerk who talks about his “art” like it belongs in the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, but he can never get off the couch. Maybe the athletic blonde is shallow and manipulative and makes you feel bad about yourself. Maybe the pseudo-hipster is condescending and arrogant. These are the “types” you want to avoid, but you don’t know why you keep coming back for more!

Figuring out why you’re constantly picking the wrong guy (or girl) is vital to understanding how to stop the pattern. There are a lot of reasons we choose things that are bad for us, and bad relationships and boyfriends can come up in our lives again and again – until we learn how to stop them.

20:You get bored easily

When you think of “nice guys”, you think of the guy who’s respectable, clean-cut, funny without being offensive, smart without being condescending, attractive without being sexy, and perfect to take home to Mom and Dad.

Oh, and he just so happens to be super boring!

The “nice guy” narrative is a dull one, and so you move on from them quickly, even when you know that they’re good for you. You get bored easily and so try for something more interesting, more challenging, more exciting. Your attention span with the nice guy is limited, whereas you have all the time in the world for the bad boy. Failing to give the nice guys the benefit of the doubt and jumping ship the moment your interest wanes is why you also find yourself falling into the arms of the other guy – he was waiting there all along!

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