15 Psychological Way To Make Your Partner Propose

Proposal in the street with a man asking marry to his happy girlfriend

Things with your boyfriend are going great. Actually, they’re downright awesome. When you think of the future, you think about being his wife, buying a home together, and popping out some miniature sized versions of yourselves. You know that he loves you because he tells you every single day, but you feel like your relationship has come to a standstill. You’re definitely ready to take the next step, but your boyfriend is more than content with the way things are. Every time you bring up the word “marriage,” he suddenly goes deaf in both ears, and whenever you try to show him engagement ring styles that you love he immediately changes the subject. Does this sound like your current situation? If so, you’re not alone.

Now’s the time for you to take matters into your own hands, and that includes some tips and tricks that will light a fire under your man’s tush. With these 15 psychological tricks, you will trigger a response from the man you love, causing him to finally solidify your relationship by asking for your hand in marriage. This is exactly what you’ve been dreaming about for years, right? So don’t waste another second. Put these tips into use so you can get the man, get the ring, and start planning the wedding of your dreams!

15: Hang Out With Married Friends

The key to getting your guy comfortable with the thought of getting hitched is to make him hang out with some of your married friends and family members. When he is around couples who have made the ultimate commitment to each other, he will start to envision doing the same with you. Your married friends will show him that being married has its ups and downs, but at the end of the day, their commitment to each other is what’s most important. This tactic will definitely work well for men who have divorced parents, too. Some men from divorced families are a little more cautious about walking down the aisle after seeing their parents’ marriage crash and burn. Your job is to replace those negative images with the idea that marriage is a happy and blissful union. So make sure the two of you spend time with happily married couples who can set a good example for your guy. He’ll definitely start to see marriage as a positive next step in his life.

14: Become Indispensable

If your boyfriend is dragging his feet when it comes to proposing, it doesn’t mean he can’t see you as a part of his future. But he needs to have a feeling inside of him that lets him know he can’t live the rest of his life without you by his side. To make sure that he not only wants but needs you in his life, you have to become the complete package. You should be his sounding board, his best friend, his weekend tennis partner, and the best at making his favorite kind of pie. When the two of you are together, all of his worries should instantly leave his mind. He knows that your time spent together will be drama free, full of laughs, and he will be excited to make even more memories with you. Also, a major part of becoming indispensable is to realize that your guy needs time away from you, as well. Whether he spends this time apart reading a book, or hanging out with his friends, he will appreciate the fact that you are confident and secure in the relationship to give him a breather every now and then. He will slowly realize that being with you doesn’t mean he has to give up his freedom, and he’ll be anxious to take the next step in your relationship.

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