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Unfortunately not all the marriages last for ever. Sure, we are doing our best to make our marriage strong, but some of us fail. When we hear about divorce, we never even assume that it can some day happen to us.

We think that each woman should be prepared for something like that. Even though, we hope, it will never ever happen to you, you need to know 2 basic things: how to act after it happens, and which are the signs of the family that is about to break up. Today we want to concentrate on the later. Your man can decide not to reveal that he is about to cheat or leave you. He may let you know only after everything is arranged. That can break your heart, so it is better to notice the signs and to get yourself ready.

#1.He becomes more distant from you.

He becomes somehow thoughtful, often spends his time alone and is not interested in your business. Perhaps, the man has a problem that absorbs all his thoughts. Also these signs may indicate that the man wants to part, but has not yet decided how to do it.

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