15 Signs of a Bad Relationship You Should Never, Ever Tolerate

15 Signs of a Bad Relationship You Should Never, Ever Tolerate

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You should always be aware of the signs of a bad relationship so you’ll know when to get the hell out of there. Here’s what you should look for.

Bad relationships are all over the place. Chances are, you’ve been in one before. And if you don’t think you have, you could be in one right now. Since you’re here, you’re probably wondering what the signs of a bad relationship are so you can rule out your own.

I have bad news for you. If you’re reading this, you’re probably going through a rough time with your partner. While not all setbacks are an indication of a bad relationship, enough to make you want to research it could prove to be problematic.

Bad relationships affect far more than just your love life

They can make your entire life worse. Everything from your friendships to your career can suffer if you’re in a toxic relationship. Knowing the signs of one is a very powerful way you can take back control and prevent everything from going

Signs of a bad relationship to keep a lookout for

Nobody wants to be with someone who’s bad for them. We all want that incredible, fun love story we see all over social media. While those may not be completely accurate, they’re great goals to shoot for.

Wanting a healthy relationship is important. Recognizing that you’re not in one is also very valuable. If you truly want to know if your relationship is bad and unhealthy for both of you, here are the glaring signs of a bad relationship to watch out for.

#1 Lack of communication. When you don’t talk to each other or worse, you CAN’T talk to each other, something is very, very wrong. In order for a relationship to be healthy, you have to be able to discuss everything. If you can’t even tell your partner when you’re upset, it’s not a good relationship.


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