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Sometimes men lie. Of course, you should not be judgemental and this statement can not be extrapolated to all men, but our experience say something different. Each of us has a bad situation with a liar and one friend always do. That’s why such a phrase exist.

10 lies that men tell their ladies sometimesWell, love is blind. You become too naive to figure out that your man is lying to you ur en cheating over you. Trust is important for building strong and long lasting relations, but still you need to keep your critical thinking turned on all the time. Today we want to share with you a list of the most common lies that men are likely to tell their ladies. Well, lies from men sometimes are not bad. They don’t mean to hurt you. They just want to look more masculine. So, you may find some phrases funny.

#1 “It is ok. I don’t mind you going out with your girlfriends”. Right, tell me more. That’s so not true We bet, he is jealous and he will be calling you all night long, so, maybe it is better to invite him, too?

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