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This is the minute Justin Bieber lashes out at a Spanish teenage fan who got excessively close for comfort in Barcelona.


The Sorry singer, 22, was being headed to his gig in the Spanish city and fans were congregating outside the Palau Sant Jordi planning to get a look at him.
As his auto swept by the energized crowd, one kid came to in as though to touch the celebrated crooner – however Justin reacted by punching him decisively in the mouth.
The Spanish fan, who is thought to be a minor, bumbled alongside by Justin’s car for a few moments before recovering his balance- however his perplexity is clear to see.

He strolls around, touching his fingers to his lips – then shows the bloodied digits to his concerned friends.

“He has just punched me,” he discloses in Spanish to the crowd.

“I touched his face this way and he went, ‘Blast.'”

Police affirmed at the this morning they were not investigating the incident and said it was up to the casualty to choose whether to make a formal complaint.

The Spanish news outlet that captured the images said the boy was a
minor and had told regional Mossos d’Esquadra officers who turned up
moments later that he was not sure whether to report Bieber over his
actions or put the incident behind him.
A spokesman for the
Mossos d’Esquadra confirmed this morning: “What’s occurred here is what
would be considered a misdemeanour rather than a crime.
“For a crime of assault to have occurred, the victim would have needed medical attention more than once.

“The footage shows there’s been no sustained attack.
“As we’re
talking about a misdemeanour rather than a serious crime, we haven’t
got the power to act off our own backs and so we’re not actively
investigating this.”


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