Troy Delmege says “i see ashley more of a sister” claiming his relationship with her will never work

Australian television series married at first sight , Troy confess to his wife Ashley Irvin: ‘You’re not the woman I’ve been searching for.’

He admitted after their split which aired on Monday night’s vow renewal ceremony: “I saw Ash as more of a sister”.

In addition Troy said he realise that their relationship is heading no where.

For two months, we’ve been subjected to those incessant “shwueetee” calls, the hair flicks, the vigorous dental care, the blushes, the eye rolls. It’s been quite the ride.

Troy’s interview with The Fix was rather more sensitive than his comments on Instagram on Monday night.

‘I gave it everything I had and left nothing on the table,’ he wrote.

‘It’s a shame it wasn’t requite from the other side. Quite quickly I realised I had to try a little too hard to make the relationship work.’

Troy continued: ‘I often felt like that no matter what I did, it was never good enough. I was constantly walking on eggshells.’

During the vow renewal ceremony, Troy awkwardly backtracked on his previous declarations of love.

‘Ashley, I said “I love you” on several occasions because I thought I did,’ Troy said.

‘But now I realise it was me wanting to believe we had something more than we did. I truly wanted us to work and I gave this relationship everything I had.

‘But unfortunately it wasn’t enough to win your heart over. You are not the woman I’ve been searching for and I know that somewhere out there is a woman who will realise my value and love me for all that I am.’

Fortunately, Ashley wasn’t left to heartbroken as she also decided to leave the relationship.

She told her TV husband: ‘They say you should learn to love yourself before you can love others and unfortunately I don’t always love the person I am when I’m with you.’


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