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Tiago Iorc revealed more details of its intimacy. James, who made the Challenge of the manikin with Sandy, granted an interview to the FM radio on the morning of this day Thursday, 08, and spoke of childhood, their relationships, their private life and even Chase Werneck. Frill.

“My childhood was beautiful! I did what I had to live in his childhood. The beauty of living in the interior of Rio Grande do Sul was the contact with the life inside, vermin, weeds, these things […] One thing that I didn’t have in life is keep in a high school. I’ve always had new friends, “said the singer, who has lived in several places, including the United States.

James said he never cared about the paparazzi and you don’t have many clothes in the wardrobe. “I swear that I have two black pants, some races. I usually use the same race. I wash and wear again, “the singer, who still spoke of his underwear. “I have x number of underwear. I have eight. Give for a week and still gives a left over, “he said.

The singer revealed that the termination of the relationship with Isabelle Drummond was quiet and no hard feelings. In addition, he said that Tata Werneck, who called on the radio and pretended to be a kid, is just his friend. “It was a long time ago, when he had a more refined [laughs]. I’ve always been a big fan and I sent a message on Facebook. He sent me an email and we were friends, “said the actress, about how he met James. Listen to the interview in its entirety below:


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