Check Out Steve Harvey’s Daughter Bikini Pics On Her Father’s Yacht!!

Steve Harvey's Daughter Bikini Pics

Steve Harvey’s daughter Lori is back in the news again, as she she shares her new pics on her father’s YACHT just leaked.

The pictures show Lori – who is gaining massive popularity online – enjoying some sun and fun on her parents’ yacht. Steve and Marjorie make use of the yacht at least twice a year, for family gatherings. However, she took the pics while on one of the Harvey family’s outings.

Lori has been on a tear lately – getting massive amounts of press. She’s been promoting a new “Good Girl” image that she hopes can change the culture on social media.

In addition to being a college student, the 21 year old Lori Harvey also works as a top fashion model. She had walked the runway at both New York and Paris Fashion weeks. And worked with top brands like Louis Vuitton and Gucci.

In between acting and modeling gigs, Lori is working towards her bachelors degree.

Steve Harvey's Daughter Bikini Pics

Lori is on a public mission to bring back the “good girl” image in society. And it’s working. Her name has been trending online now for the past few months. And she has been everywhere in recent weeks. Lori is hoping to create a “new” standard for beauty…

Steve Harvey's Daughter Bikini Pics

The 21-year-old college student/model is working hard to get women (and young girls) to take a new approach.

She’s working with a number of brands to make being a “good girl” hot again. And she’s all about living naturally, and accepting the body that God gave you. The lovely young lady has not had any plastic surgery done to her body.


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