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The famous comedian ken 90 will be taken to rest in his desired hometown Liverpool cathedral. Numerous fans of Sir Ken Dodd have joined family and friends to bid farewell to the comedy legend at his funeral.

Other comedy personalities gather in Liverpool for Sir Ken Dodd’s funeral after the procession started from where he was born and died in. The precious comedian made his way to Liverpool cathedral where his funeral service started at 1pm.

Jimmy Tarbuck pays tribute to his friend Sir Ken Dodd “Glad to see Ken’s packed out another show, imagine at the gates of heaven the lord saying, ‘Ooh he’s here can he do five minutes?’

St. Peter replied to this “he’s never done five minute in his life”

Stephanie Cole also paid tribute to her dearest Doddy

“I think genius should be used sparingly, but dearest Doddy introduces us to new universes and an interesting concept of time,” she said.

“He was kind and thoughtful, he loved speaking to people, I loved to talk to him about comedy and learnt so much from him, he used to come and see me in shows.”

Jimmy Cricket gave a touching account of Dodd’s early days as a comedian.

“When he was starting out he wanted cards printed to give out to agents saying to the printer, write Ken Dodd the comedian who is different, but write different upside down,” he said.

“Ken had time for everybody, he said we were all walking miracles and had a story to tell, he gave out the sound of laughter, the most beautiful sound of all.”

Then Ken’s close friend John Fisher disclose a bit about Ken’s final weeks.

“I last spoke to him before he came out of hospital, he was still murmuring with thoughts and ideas,” he said.

“The death of Victoria Wood hit him particularly hard, it’s ironic his death is bookended by Sir Roger Bannister and Stephen Hawking, all who had an interest in time.”

He added: “I saw him at the Palladium and never knew such laughter was possible, let’s not forget the time of Doddy mania, he gave the Fabulous Four a run for their money.”

Canon Miles Davis began his address: “Ken will so pleased and humbled to see how people have come out for him today, they are gathered outside and in the largest church in the land.” He furthermore, the private man, lifted his hands week by week to receive communion and to reaffirm his faith, it was our delight and joy to have him part of our cathedral family.

Ken’s coffin was carried out of the cathedral followed by The Diddy Men while his song Happiness played,

The Royle Family star Ricky Tomlinson was among the first to arrive to pay his respects.

Stand-up comedian Roy Chubby Brown – famous for his sarcastic blue humour – also arrived in one of his trademark hats.

Jimmy Tarbuck, who was known for hosting quiz shows on ITV during the 1970s, ’80s and early ’90s also arrived and caught up with old friends from the comedy world – including Family Fortunes host Les Dennis.

The atmosphere was lifted by the appearance of so many famous names.


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