Caroline Flack Abandoned New boyfriend Andrew Brady claims He’s been Cheating on Her

Caroline flack abandoned her very new boyfriend Andrew Brady claiming he has been cheating on her during a nightclub PA in chester, despite her trust for him.

Caroline Flack Abandoned New boyfriend Andrew Brady claims He's been Cheating on Her

The TV and Radio presenter has deleted all his pictures from her Instagram page and blocked him on the site after a woman claims she’s spent the whole night with Andrew after meeting in a club.

In accordance to the SUN, Andrew was just starting to know Caroline’s family when the allegations came out that he cheated on her with a lady he’d met in Rosie’s night club in chester, who said they had passionately kissed before going back to his house where she spend the night.

Andrew oppose this allegation at the time saying “I’ve never seen this woman in my life”

“Caroline ended things with Andrew after noticing that he hadn’t been entirely honest with her” a source told the newspaper.

She felt like she couldn’t trust him

Things started to unravel after the first cheating claim

It comes a grieving moment for Caroline who had just introduced Andrew to her whole family at her dad 70’s birthday.

The previous day before the cheating claims, Caroline had gone to Instagram official with the reality star posting a cute photo and adding “Have tried to get rid of him for a while, he’s kinda just sticking around now”

That photo, along with a video Caroline had posted with a heart drawn around Andrew’s face, is now gone.

After the initial reports, the pair had patched things up and Andrew was even pictured moving some of his belongings into Caroline’s house last week but Caroline has since decided to end things between them.

Caroline’s spokesperson had no comment when contacted by The Sun Online.


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