Braeking!! Freddie Flintoff brands David Haye a ‘BULLY’ for punching Jack Whitehall 33 times in 20 seconds during A League Of Their Own boxing challenge


Freddie Flintoff brand for punching Jack Whitehall


Freddie Flintoff has branded professional boxer David Haye a ‘bully’ for repeatedly punching Jack Whitehall during an episode of A League Of Their Own.

During the segment, which aired in 2013, comedian Jack was inside a huge punchbag while 16st David, a former world cruiser weight champion, punched the bag 33 times in just 20 seconds.

Despite clapping and laughing while the challenge took place, the former England cricketer has since claimed that he thought the incident was ‘disgusting’.


The beating appears uncomfortable for Jack, who can be seen holding his mouth open as he takes the playful blows while inside the bag.


Documenting the incident in his autobiography, Freddie wrote: ‘When Haye was a guest on A League of Their Own, he had beaten Jack Whitehall up, which I thought was disgusting. As you know, I hate bullies.’

‘I was sat there fantasising about fighting him. He would have killed me, but I would have had a bloody good go.’


Jack was sent flying to the ground with a final blow from David, who allegedly caught him on the chest and head as he went down.

Haye posted on social media following the event: ‘Watch me practise some #Hayemakers on the poor @jackwhitehall tonight on #ALOTO.’

Before the punchbag game, Jack had teased Haye for blaming his toe for losing a world heavyweight title fight to Wladimir Klitschko in 2011.




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