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DR KARMMA – UNSAFE Mp3 Download: Hip Hop artiste from the South DR KARMMA starts the year with a litty joint titled “UNSAFE“. DR KARMMA goes hard on this 3 minutes plus mixtape. This is one certainly for hip hop lovers.

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Finessing on a hundred again.
Going zero to one hundred again.
I’m the kid, I’m the one.
I don’t do this for fun.
Rapping to me is way more than a game.
Got people who gonna ride, I got pride.
But it doesn’t matter with them.
It doesn’t matter the tide, I know they tried.
I know ama die for the fam.
But all that be lies, niggas nowadays gon eat you like fries.
Making buzz like a swarm of flies.
Eyes only set on the price.
Life is crazy, yeah I know.
Done with the favors, I wanna grow.
Mindset pay me, grinding crazy
Calling the shots, but the network de fail me.
Failing is distant and not on my plans, steady be working so far I got hands.
Chasing the fame and be chasing the name, when I am done with chasing the change. Man!!
For real, dunno why they do not rate me.
Like the lowest currency denomination you cannot change me.
Barry Allen cannot phase me.
I ain’t moved by this fake shii.
Making waves on this fake sea.
Moving fast like a jet ski.
Old school. Nothing the same.
Old news. I’m hitting your chick.
She brooding on me. Why her booty on me?
She giving a round of applause for me
And I am so hot, just got a new set of fans.
Dropped the beat off in the morgue today turns out it was a Stan.
Like the standard nigga, I Stan dad nigga.
What you want? Some action Nigga?
You ain’t real, just an action figure.
Took me quite some time to figure.
I got zero chills. I want the bills.
I got zero feels. I want the deals.
Got zero morals. Cut zero corners.
Leave you stiffened, that’s rigo mortis.
I switch it up, look at the race.
Want some love, stare at my face.
Mess with me, you catch a case.
Switch it up, increase the pace
Fuck the adrenaline, it is irrelevant.
I’m a menace and I want a milli and
I want a milli likes. I win a milli fights.
Respek the Beanie man, I am the Beanie man.
Little more kush and I will burn your city down.
Really wish that my ex girl she could see me now.
Did a k milligrams, hating is criminal.
NASCAR racing, change the gear any minute now.
Been through the pain, now I’m dripping like I played in the rain.
Played with the reign, you cannot fight me you’ll do it in vain.
I’ll never loose, winning or winning I don’t gotta choose.
What’s with the abuse, do you not see I’m more than a rouse.

Barely sleep. Trading my sleep for my slip.
Tryna improve my grip. Work when I’m asleep. Tryna put a Benz on my wrist, steer a Bentley with it.
I wanna smash. But I prefer to chill.
And I would never spill. What I do to get deals. And how I’m closing deals and stacking bills
It’s real. Frozen solid grills. (Ehh)
Ice in summer kits. (Ehh)
And I swear I’m lit.
What to do with this. (Sauce)
You can’t mess with me. (No)
My goons gon run you clean. (Brr)
It is what it is. I got it all I want receipts.
I turn up in my hand made clothes.
Your lines be sick I’m antidote-ing
Summer time I’m really frozen.
I believe that I was chosen.
I feel it. Affeliate
I’m the one. I said it.
No rephrasing. (Ayy)

It’s UNSAFE for y’all when I am rapping.


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