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EMPIRE: This is getting tenser. Diana DuBois has completed her extreme damage to the Lyons family. Episode 8 – Cupid Painted Blind continues from the scene where Jamal Lyon dragged Warren down in the presence of this family and Diana.

Betrayed Jamal hits it back home with flashes of memory. Of course, Cookie couldn’t deal with him being all alone. But he wants everyone to believe he’s fine. They still got an eye on him

Wounded Hakeem is taking is the rage on everyone, disrupts Tiana good time in the studio. Shine opens up on his hidden family life. He takes Hakeem to see his wives and kids (whom nobody could actually think they exist). He’s trying to influence Hakeem to get over Bella and make more kids with no-popular women.

Following the Lyons manhunt by the DuBois, Lucious and Cookie had to look out for Andre as he’s apparently the next they working on. Andre goes all out to accuse his cop girlfriend, Pamela of working with the DuBois. It’s a little twisted here. Could Pamela Rose be working for Diana DuBois? She’s not NYPD, she claims to be Vegas Metro Undercover.

It’s opening up, what Diana was playing on Andre? hallucination has taken over him. We’re not sure where this is leading.


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