Toyota Supra 2019

Toyota Supra 2019
Toyota reemerged the back wheel drive sports vehicle amusement with the 86 (née Scion FR-S) in 2012, and now it has something increasingly yearning in progress. Something that fans possess hung tight a long energy for—another Supra.
We’ve known for quite a while that Toyota was building up another games vehicle in organization with BMW, yet at the 2018 Geneva Motor Show, the uplifting news was affirmed with the GR Supra Racing Concept. At that point at Goodwood, Toyota flaunted a covered close creation Supra, encouraging it’ll carry on a long custom of back wheel drive, straight-six controlled games autos.
At that point we got the chance to drive a preproduction model in Spain. While the vehicle still wore disguise all around, it gave us an extraordinary thought of what’s in store from the up and coming Supra. Peruse about it here.
There are still a ton of questions, however. So here, we’ve accumulated what we think about the 2019 Supra—in light of our discussions with people at Toyota—in addition to a portion of the more dependable gossipy tidbits we’ve heard.

The Sound is Great

Getting Straight-Six and Four-Cylinder Power

Toyota is building up the back wheel drive stage for the Supra with BMW, and one favorable position to this organization is access to smooth, straight-six power. At Goodwood, Toyota affirmed that the Supra will get an inline-six. Boss designer Tada has been relentless the Supra will come so prepared.
Specs haven’t been affirmed yet, however we revealed archives from transmission provider ZF that show the Supra’s six will present 335 hp. This is BMW’s single-turbo 3.0-liter B58B30 unit, a similar found in the M240i and numerous different vehicles from the German brand.
Those records from ZF likewise demonstrate that the Supra will get a four-chamber alternative, as well. In particular, BMW’s turbocharged, 2.0-liter codenamed B48B20, which will make 262 hp. Toyota has been hesitant to affirm this motor, yet at Goodwood, Tada disclosed to us it’s a reality. He noticed this motor is lighter and offers better weight appropriation, and, it’s the ideal stage for motor swaps, since it’s less expensive. So in case you’re going to put a 2JZ in this new Supra, begin with the four-barrel.

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