Four things You Have To Do Before You Enter Into A New Year (2019)

Things you have to do before you enter new year 2019 - how to pray to god - pray to god like never -  | SecretgistTips to enter a new year peacefully. Good Evening Everyone, This Message is coming from the Admin of this great Site.I am Going to be Discussing with you some things you have to do in order to see yourself in a reasonable year(2019). Today i will list and explain them episode by episode.

Here are the four things you have to do Before You Enter Into A New Year

  • Pray To God Like Never Before

  • Be Very Careful Of Who you Move out with

  • Pay All Your debt

  • Don’t Run against Party wears

The First thing there we have Pray to God Like Never Before,Yeah, this is major thing we have to do at the end of each year just like the way we have been doing at the beginning , at the middle and finally at the end of the year. Praying to God at the end of the year Like Never before is very important because at the end of the year a lot of things usually happen(man made and Naturally), but must of things bad thing that usually happen is man made because we keep pursing what we shouldn’t have border our self for. Pray to God like never before may limit the bad things happening.

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In Addition,two month, a month left To New year is not the time we start driving carelessly, drink foolishly,play wrong etc. End of the year is the month we have left in the year to check the performance of our life compare to the previous year.
Moreover, It was discovered and accepted that people die most at the end of the year due to the type of people we usually move with at the end of the year just to accomplish an impossible mission.
Another thing we have to do before preparing for new year is the payment of debt. Moving to a new year is like a new baby coming to the world with no sin and no problem so you paying your debts is like you becoming a new born baby in an new year.
Finally, nearly every adult do pursue Christmas and new year wears which is not suppose to be so. Entering a new year with no debt is better than going to a new year with different type of designers while you still have some called creditors inside your life.
Just stay calm, New year is not about putting On Good wears and eating like gluttons.
Best Regard,
Abrash Mick.


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