Experts reveal what encourages Australian women to have more sex

A group of 1000 Aussie women were asked what factors would encourage them to get in the sack more often with their partner – and the answers might surprise you.

The study, which was designed by Smile Makers, found 38 per cent of women just needed more free time and 19 per cent said it would be great if having sex wasn’t so painful.

Of the participants 30 per cent of loved-up ladies said extra foreplay wouldn’t go astray and a whopping 46 per cent argued ‘being in the mood’ would tip them over the edge.

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Most surprising of all was the number of women who simply wanted their significant other to be more loving and ‘cuddly’ in the bedroom, an incredible 27 per cent.

Worryingly, 24 per cent said being able to orgasm would make them more inclined to have sex, suggesting women are still missing out on that all-important O at the end of a session.

Those same ladies were then asked how often they expect to have sex with their partner, of which 47 per cent said between one and three times a week.

But only 32 per cent are hitting those figures – with a greater majority (56 per cent) only getting busy once a week.

These aren’t exactly surprising statistics and marry up to previous research done into our deeds between the sheets.

Sexologist Dr Gabrielle Morrissey said that ‘there are a great many couples in long-term relationships having very little sex.’

‘Also, the idea that you couple up and have sex every day is a myth,’ she told the Daily Telegraph.

There are some simple ways to spice things up in the bedroom though, Dr Nikki Goldstein writes on her blog.

‘Increasing the amount of date nights, spontaneous acts of generosity and even gift-giving can improve relationship satisfaction,’ she said.

She also suggests getting a little help in the bedroom, in the form of lubricant.

‘We are increasingly looking at longer, harder and faster as our aim,’ she said.

‘Whether that’s right or not, people are doing it, and so you don’t want someone to get in an uncomfortable position and reach for the bottle when it’s too late.’


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