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The warm spring weather has beckoned Tziporah Malkah to a beach in Sydney.

And the 44-year-old looked freshened after taking a dip in the cool sea water on Wednesday.

The former model, who formerly went by the name Kate Fischer, dressed for the occasion in a cherry print retro-style one-piece bathing suit.During her outing, Tziporah slowly walked over some rocks to find a spot to carefully submerge herself in the water

She then flipped over on to her back and floated across the small waves.

After some gentle rocking in the sea, the former Vogue Australia cover model had had enough.

Although her modelling heyday was decades ago, Tziporah naturally struck poses as she wrung out the sea water from her hair.

But a chilly breeze caught her off guard, causing her to shiver as she made her way up the sand.

She unfortunately forgot to bring her towel and was left to use her thin, white jumper to wipe off any excess water.

Cold and wet, Tziporah briskly walked uphill from the beach.

She eventually put on her thin jumper to cover up from the cold.

In an interview with New Idea last year, Tziporah said she made the decision to lose weight for health reasons.

‘I don’t advocate fatness or thinness, but some of us fight the good fight in regards to our weight all the time,’ she told the magazine.

‘It can be mentally all-consuming and very draining – particularly if there are other stresses and distractions going on in one’s life.’

While she has not been doing modelling professionally, she has recently lent her star power to White Caravan, a charity raising awareness for female homelessness in Australia.

In the past few months, Tziporah has lost a whopping 19 kilograms which she has put down to a strict diet and exercise regimen for slow incremental changes.

Tziporah recently told Sydney Confidential that her weight loss has made her look and feel better.

‘Why can’t women be comfortable? I’m starting to look fabulous again,’ she stated.




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