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Star Tamar Braxton And Kandi Burruss Finally team up their bad history..

 Star Tamar Braxton And Kandi Burruss Finally team up their bad history..

Star Tamar Braxton And Kandi Burruss Finally team up their bad history..


They’re both seasoned reality TV veterans.

And Kandi Burruss, 42, and Tamar Braxton, 41, teamed up during the Monday night premiere of Celebrity Big Brother, despite admitting they shared a difficult history.

The singers and reality TV stars went into the show admitting they were not friends, with Kandi saying: ‘We’ve had our good times and we’ve had our bad times.’Kandi stars in The Real Housewives Of Atlanta while Tamar was a regular fixture on Braxton Family Values.

Tamar selected Kandi as her partner for the episode ending Head Of Household challenge, which involved transferring champagne from a bottle to a glass while swinging high in the air.Tamar said she picked Kandi for the challenge ‘to extend the olive branch’ – but soon regretted it as they came last.

‘I wanted people to at least know I was a contender,’ she complained. ‘I ain’t picking Kandi no more, I’ll tell you that. She ain’t invited.’Lolo Jones, 36, the Olympic track and bobsled star who complained that she was ‘unfortunately still a virgin,’ seemed sure of a twist in the competition and went in deliberately avoiding a win.

‘Everyone knows I compete to win. But I’m choosing Tom because I don’t want to win,’ she said of 47-year-old funnyman Tom Green.

‘I feel like we’ll be able to look like we’re trying really hard … and it will convince everyone that I gave an honest effort.’However her competitive nature – which also flared when fellow Olympian Ryan Lochte bragged about having more Olympic medals – kicked in during the game itself.

‘I know I said I didn’t want to win, but I can’t help myself,’ she admitted.

‘I see Lochte over there and I want to destroy him. Crush! Destroy! Kill!

‘Lochte I’m about to send you back to the kiddie pool.’Lochte, 34, went into Celebrity Big Brother on Monday night bragging of his imminent victory.

The swimmer then ended the first part of the two-night premiere set to be either the first Head of Household – or the first up for eviction.

The 12-times Olympic medalist had picked Mean Girls’ star Jonathan Bennett, 37, to be his ‘power pair’ partner for the season’s first challenge, swapping glasses of champagne while up high on slow swings.Ryan was first to pick up how to move the swings as he and Jonathan won through despite a late challenge Lolo and her partner Tom Green.

Ryan and Jonathan celebrated the win knowing one of them would become the first Head of Household, getting a personal bedroom and bathroom and being safe from eviction.

But their jubilation was short-lived as host Julie Chen Moonves, 49, -who introduced herself using her full moniker amidst allegations of sexual impropriety against her TV mogul husband Les Moonves- again told them they would not only compete against each other for the title, but the loser would be the first nominee in jeopardy.

Adding to their frustration, they were told that they – as well as viewers – would have to wait for the decisive competition, airing Tuesday night.Even before entering the house, Ryan had bragged about being the overall winner for the $250,000 prize.

‘I absolutely know nothing about Big Brother. But competition is what I’m bred for – so I’m going to win this,’ he insisted, smiling: ‘If not my wife is gonna whoop my butt!’

He seemed most confident still as he faced an uncertain showdown with Jonathan, saying: ‘I’m made for competition. That has been my entire career. So, Jonathan, I’m sorry but this is going to be a tough one for you, buddy.’


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