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Star Jennifer Lawrece Finally Show off her Rings On her Fingers

Jennifer Lawrence flashes HUGE ring Secretgist
The Popular Star Jennifer Lawrence Has Finally Show Off and Flashes her Rings In her Fingers.


She shocked fans when she announced her surprise engagement to her boyfriend of eight months on Tuesday.

Now a picture has surfaced showing what is thought to be the first glimpse of Jennifer Lawrence’s sparkling engagement ring.

In the image, taken weeks before she confirmed she planned to wed New York art gallery director Cooke Maroney, 34, the actress is seen smiling widely, while sporting a yellow gold band set with a huge jewel

The picture was snapped on a date night back in January, as Cooke and Jennifer, 28, sat in a restaurant.

In further images, taken on Sunday, Jennifer can be seen with the gold band of a ring on her wedding finger, with the jewel seemingly turned inwards, as the Oscar winner leaves a dinner at Raoul’s in New York.

It was there Jennifer was seen showing off a ‘giant rock’ on her finger as the couple that the couple dined with friends

Cooke works at New York’s Gladstone Gallery, which represents artists including Lena Dunham’s dad, Carroll Dunham, as well as Richard Prince, Anish Kapoor, and Bjork’s ex, Matthew Barney.

An art history graduate from New York University, he is known on the art party scene and previously worked at the prestigious Gagosian gallery.

While he is now very much part of the New York social scene, Cooke, like his new fianceé grew up in the countryside, spending his childhood on his parent’s dairy farm in Vermont.


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