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Popular Star Christine Lampard Makes a tearful to loose a woman

christine lampard makes a tearful return

The Popular Star Christine Lampard has finally Makes a tearful return to Loose a women and still discusses of giving birth and Breastfeeding the child in Public.


Christine Lampard made an emotional return to Loose Women on Thursday, where she caught her co-stars up on life as a new mum.

The TV star and her football manager husband Frank welcomed their first child, daughter Patricia in September, and this week marked Christine’s first appearance on Loose Women since the birth.

She got emotional as she spoke about the birth of her little girl while also revealing that her husband Frank needs to change more nappies.

Christine described the newborn days as a ‘beautiful fog’ before telling her colleagues she was a ‘complete emotional mess’ at the birth.

‘I was fine until the doctor said “Christine you’re about to become a mummy”,’ she said with tears in her eyes.

‘That gets me every time’ she said with emotion in her voice as her co-star and fellow mum Stacey Solomon leaned over to hug her.

She also revealed the challenges of motherhood, explaining that ‘the first day I got caught out on breastfeeding in public. I wasn’t sure what I was doing.’


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