Mooch Faces kicked out faster than the white house despite the adminstration gossip of trump.

Mooch Faces kicked out faster than the white house despite the adminstration gossip of trump. 


Anthony ‘The Mooch’ Scaramucci confirmed that he won’t be returning to the White House following his ill-fated 10-day stint as President Trump’s communications director on Tuesday night’s episode of Celebrity Big Brother.

As other contestants plotted their strategies to avoid being the first celeb evicted, a casually-dressed Scaramucci opened up to comedian Tom Greene about the brief time he spent on Team Trump.

When asked whether he’d ever done anything like Big Brother, Scaramucci said no, remarking: ‘This is out of my comfort zone. The only thing close was Mr Trump.’

‘Think you’ll ever go back there?’ Greene asked.

Scaramucci replied: ‘If I’m being totally objective, there’s no way I would be invited back because I’m not really a politician, he’s surrounded by politicians, he’s surrounded by Washington operatives, so they don’t really want people from my neck of the woods.’

Despite his willingness to gossip about the White House, Scaramucci’s failure to join an alliance landed him on the chopping block alongside Greene and actor Jonathan Bennett.

After the nomination ceremony, Scaramucci told the camera: ‘I’ve got to find a way to pivot so I can last more than 12 days.’

He also bizarrely threatened to ‘take a dump’ at Ryan Lochte’s apartment ‘Head of House’ apartment before he leaves.On the first night of the competition, Scaramucci promised that his stay at the Celebrity Big Brother house would be longer than his time at the White House and promised to leave a ‘big mark’.

But if his appearance during the show’s premiere was anything to go by, the Mooch has a lot of work to do.

During his introduction, the Mooch boasted of being fired from the White House for using a ‘few curse words’ and revealed that he still keeps in touch with

President Trump every so often.’I still get along with the president. I talk to him probably once or twice a month. But I’m usually the one making the call. I would think that a portion of the public probably dislikes me because of my Trump support but I had a great time,’ Mooch said of his time in Washington.

‘I haven’t come across one person who doesn’t think I’m nuts for going into the Big brother house, which is probably the reason why I’m doing it.

‘It is going to last longer than my stint in the White House, god willing.

‘I started at the White House my first day with a chainsaw and a hockey mask. I left a big mark there and I expect to leave a big mark in the Big Brother house too.’But despite his heavy Trump talk in his introduction, the Mooch failed to really mention his connections when he joined the rest of the celebrity contestants in the house.

He was more loose-lipped on night two when chatting with Greene.

After Scaramucci said that Trump wouldn’t invite him back because he’s not a politician, Greene asked: ‘Aren’t they draining the swap?’ – referencing Trump’s campaign promise to fight corruption in Washington by getting rid of legacy politicians.

‘I think the swamp might not have a drain,’ Scaramucci said.

When the comedian asked whether there’s going to be a ‘crash’ in the embattled presidency, Scaramucci said no, adding: ‘The economy is very good, but the government is holding it back with the shutdown and making it worse on people.

‘You have this acrimony between the parties, you can’t get anything done.’

Greene, a former competitor on the Celebrity Apprentice, also joked that they had both been fired by Trump, and ‘in similar fashion’.

Scaramucci and Greene will both have one more night to seal their slots for another week during Wednesday’s episode.

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