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James Bulger's father blast Oscar film for its sympathetic.

James Bulger’s father blast Oscar film for its sympathetic. 

The father of murdered toddler James Bulger has spoken of his devastation that producers have released a film about his son’s killing without the family’s consent.
Ralph Bulger slammed the short film, which has been hotly-tipped for an Academy Award, for humanising Jon Venables and Robert Thompson who butchered his little boy.
The toddler was killed by Venables and Thompson, both aged 10, after they snatched him from a shopping centre in Bootle, Merseyside in 1993.
Detainment is a 30-minute film is made up of almost entirely of verbatim quotes from interview transcripts and shows the two young killers crying and asking for their parents as detectives quiz them over the shocking death of James.
Mr Bulger, who claimed he found the film ‘offensive’, said that nobody behind the making of the drama contacted him or any one else in James’ family prior to the release of the film.
Although James’ father said he has seen many documentaries about the murder which happened 26 years ago he told the Mirror he has been left devastated by this latest portrayal.
He said: ‘I have never been so cut up and offended by something that shows so little compassion to James and his family.’I accept this is a murder of such magnitude it will always be written about and featured in the news but to make a film so ­sympathetic to James’s killers is devastating.
He said that although he accepts the information surrounding the brutal killing is in the public domain, he could have at least run the idea by the family.
Mr Bugler added that it will be terrible if the film is critically acclaimed due to the lack of consideration shown to the family when making the drama.
The former police chief who ran the investigation into James’ death, Albert Kirby, said that the film lacks ‘any form of taste or decency’, and has been created without consideration for James’ mother Denise Fergus or anyone close to the case.The director of a new James Bulger film which ‘humanises’ the two killers has faced criticism after it was revealed he did not tell the toddler’s family about the movie.
Vincent Lambe appeared on Good Morning Britain to defend his right to make the short film, which has been shortlisted for an Oscar.
The filmmaker revealed that the movie was made without the consent of James’ mother Denise Fergus as she would have said ‘no’.
Mr Lambe was grilled by co-presenters Ben Shepherd and Kate Garraway over the decision, admitting that the film would be a ‘tough watch for them’.They asked him several times why he had failed to notify Denise of his attention to make the film.
Asked if he did not ask the family as he feared they would say not to make the film, he said: ‘Well it probably wouldn’t have been made if she’d have said “no”.’
He added: ‘The reason I made this film, people think they were evil and they were born evil and I don’t think it was as simple as that.
‘If people don’t see them as human, they won’t begin to understand.

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