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Gemma cries al day

Popular Gemma Merna has finally reveal she cried all day and still never wanna leave the room.



She’s best known for playing glamorous Carmel McQueen in Hollyoaks – but Gemma Merna has admitted she hasn’t always felt confident in her skin.

The 34-year-old shared a throwback bikini snap from her honeymoon in Vegas back in 2012, following her marriage to property developer Ian Minton, revealing she felt ‘fat, pale and disgusting’ after seeing pictures of herself.

Now realising that she actually looked incredible, she admitted that at the time she was so distraught, she cried all day and refused to leave her room.’So the story is…. I worked none stop up to my wedding, I trained so hard and felt amazing on the day.

‘Due to stress and being rundown I got Bronchitis and was really poorly when this pic was taken. I remember this day like it was yesterday. I was shattered, no fake tan on (that was a big deal back then for me).’She continued: ‘I thought I looked fat, pale and disgusting. I hated myself!! I cried all day and wouldn’t leave the room.

‘I look back now at what I saw & said about myself, and I’m so upset I felt that way. I think I looked great!! I’m just a normal girl!

‘Just shows how much pressure we all put on ourselves to be this ‘perfect’ imagine!’Gemma, who is now a yoga teacher and is believed to have split from husband Ian, said she wanted to empower others to feel better about their own bodies.

She said: ‘I’m putting this post up for if anyone reading this is feeling self conscious or not great about themselves, is that if you look back in a few years, you would tell yourself what was I taking about!

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‘We all are different sizes, people, skin colour. Have confidence and love yourself! Us women are amazing.’Gemma has shared other more recent bikini pictures on social media after embracing her body.

In 2017, she said: ‘As a 33 year old women who’s struggled with weight and insecurities all my life I can say “I am proud of the body I have achieved here”!!

‘I’ve never been one of those girls who never puts weight on I only had to look at food and the weight piles on! Think that’s why I love the fitness world and want to learn more each day!

‘My body isn’t perfect nor am I but that’s what makes us all unique and different. We are all only here once so embrace everyday, love yourself and enjoy every single second!!! So if I want chocolate cake I’m gonna have it!!’


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