Fans left Vogue and baby in hysterics as couple jokily mature life. » Secretgist Media

Fans left Vogue and baby in hysterics as couple jokily mature life.

Fans left Vogue and baby in hysterics as couple jokily mature life.


In just two years of dating they have become engaged, tied the knot and welcomed their first child, son Theodore.

And giving fans an all-access pass to what goes on behind closed doors, Spencer Matthews and Vogue Williams had fans in hysterics as they discussed everything from their sex life to dilation in the first (and VERY unfiltered) episode of their new E4 show Spencer, Vogue and Baby Too.

Airing on Monday night, viewers got to see the final stages of Vogue’s pregnancy, before the arrival of baby Theodore and how the couple have adjusted to becoming first-time parents.The couple’s chemistry was apparent from the get go, with the fun-loving pair not afraid to poke fun at each other. While Spencer quipped Vogue was ‘infatuated with him’ from the moment they met on The Jump in 2017, Vogue claimed: ‘Spencer was way more into me than I was him.’Seeming to agree, he revealed: ‘Pretty sure I told you I loved you on our first date.’

Vogue couldn’t resist remarking: ‘I went for the smaller man, never thought I would.’

Conversation then turned to their impending arrival, with Spencer revealing the couple already knew they’d be having a boy: ‘I was like, “Is that the umbilical cord?” She was like, “No, that’s his penis,” I was like, “Wow… kid’s packing!”’Fans then saw the parents-to-be head out baby shopping as they picked up supplies for their new arrival, with Spencer urging his wife not to go too ‘overboard’.

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After seeking out a long list of items, Vogue asks Spencer if he is happy with their purchases, with the Chelsea star telling her: ‘Anything that makes you happy, makes me happy,’ before dryly adding: I’m quite certain we have everything.’

As the duo prepared for Vogue to go into labour, Spencer was seen quizzing his model wife on how exactly she gives birth, with the pair then giving a visual representation of how much Vogue will dilate.

Starting with a cheerio, the pair then hilariously go through the stages of dilation using everything from a banana slice, to a cookie and a bagel, with a concerned Spencer asking Vogue: ‘Does that mean if you drink a bottle of wine it’s just going to pour out of you?’Slightly taken aback with their edible reconstruction, Vogue admits: ‘Oh my god, that’s huge. That is gross. The baby’s head is bigger than that.’

Such scenes left viewers in hysterics, as many rushed to Twitter to comment on Spencer and Vogue and how much they were enjoying seeing the couple onscreen together.

They penned: ‘Spencer, Vogue and baby too is making me laugh out loud…

‘So far I’m loving Spencer, Vogue and Baby too! They are such a funny couple and so well suited.

‘Loving the new show – never realised how funny Spencer is; am literally crying… Vogue must have the patience of a saint! Thanks for making Monday night’s great again.

‘Aw stop Vogue and Spencer have me in stitches in fairness. Really like them!


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