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Dancer AJ Pritchard Reveal the scecret of him being a “sticky Curse”

Dancer AJ Pritchard Reveal the scecret of him
The Popularly Dancer AJ Pritchard has finally reveal why he has been a stick curse.

The so-called Strictly Curse has touched many of the show’s stars and their pro dancers over the years – including over the past few weeks.

But ballroom pro AJ Pritchard has touched upon his own version of the curse: namely that in his three seasons on the show, he has fallen at the Semi-Final hurdle each time.

‘I am hoping that this year will be a case of third time lucky,’ the 24-year-old told MailOnline ahead of Saturday’s show. ‘I always want to get to the final and to win. But this one’s hard because I “extra” want it. But not just for me, for Lauren too.

Dancer AJ Pritchard Reveal the scecret of him

AJ is partnered with Paralympian Lauren Steadman, 25, having previously coached singer Mollie King and Claudia Fragapane, whom he came in fifth place with in 2017 and fourth place with in 2016 respectively.

As tends to be the case with both Strictly and it’s ‘curse’, fans have in the past enjoyed speculating whether or not AJ and his partners over the years have hit it off romantically.

But AJ has dismissed such rumours, insisting such things don’t enter his mind while he’s in full Strictly mode.

‘Everyone is interested in everyone else’s love lives but we have no time for all that,’ he said. ‘We don’t have time for anything other than training, dancing and competing. We are in rehearsals from 8AM – 10PM every day.



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