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The popular Bernie Laughed off Helicopter pilots who claim to be set up to kidnap Relative..



The helicopter pilot accused of kidnapping one of Bernie Ecclestone’s in-laws has claimed he was framed as the F1 mogul says ‘124 m euros, no one’s going to give that much for a mother-in-law.’

Jorge Faria, currently locked up in Brazil, said he plans to appeal his 14-year four-month sentence for the kidnapping of Aparecida Schunck, 69, the mother of Ecclestone’s 41-year-old wife, in July 2016.

Faria, 55, was adjudged to have been one of a seven-strong gang who swiped Fabiana Flosi’s mother from her home in Sao Paulo, Brazil and demanded a £112 m ransom (€124 m).The one-time personal helicopter pilot to Ecclestone, 88, has pinned the blame on Flosi, saying that the evidence against him ‘doesn’t make sense’.

He told The Mirror: ‘I believe Fabiana and her family were behind it. The whole kidnapping, nor the evidence, has ever made any sense.’

Speaking to The Mirror, Ecclestone himself brushed the claims off as nonsense, saying Faria is ‘trying everything he can to get out’.The billionaire said: ‘You can’t blame the guy. He’s done everything he can to be freed, or to be moved to another prison.’

He added: ‘There’s no doubt in my mind she was kidnapped.’

Faria claimed that he thinks he was suspected because in a ransom email to Flosi, the captors used a Portuguese phrase and because he is from there and had allegedly taken a helicopter without permission in the past, he was blamed.The 55-year-old also said that Flosi’s mother sent an email saying she’d been kidnapped one hour and 30 minutes before she was even taken.

He also said that the email suggested Fabiana shouldn’t involve the police.

‘The police have gone through all these things, and it’s clear he’s talking complete rubbish,’ Ecclestone said.

Faria also claims that after armed police saved Aparecida Schunck, 16 officers were bought homes while 11 were treated to a VIP day at the Brazilian Grand Prix.

The F1 mogul laughed off the claims, branding them ‘ridiculous’ and added: ‘He did this for money, 124 million euros (£112million) and as I’ve said before many times, no one’s going to give that much for a mother-in-law.’


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