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15 Celebritys Who Met Their Partner On Social Media. You Will Not Believe No 5

8. Jake T. Austin And Danielle Ceaser

The tale of Jake T. Austin and Danielle Ceaser is one that will offer hope an inspiration to all fan girls out there. Danielle Ceaser spent five years messaging and tweeting Jake T. Austin trying to get his attention. The star of Wizards of Waverly Place and The Fosters eventually decided to respond to one of Ceaser’s tweets, and the rest, as they say, is history. Eventually, the pair decided to meet up and began dating in early 2016. And since then, the pair has been going strong. It shows that Ceaser’s years of cyber stalking and trying to get the attention of her celebrity crush really did pay off in the end.

7. Ariana Grande And Jai Brooks

The story of Ariana Grande and Jai Brooks is quite a sweet one, and it may give hope to some out there who one day wish to date their celebrity crush. In 2012, Brooks, who is a YouTuber, uploaded a video on to his channel in which he listed all the reasons why he believes Grande should date him. Brooks is said to have also tweeted Grande, and when her mother showed her the YouTube video, she encouraged the singer to give it a shot. This is exactly what Grande did, and the pair went on to date on and off for two years. They reached their first bump in the road in 2013 when Brooks accused Grande of cheating on him with Nathan Sykes. Grande denied these claims, saying that the YouTuber was just trying to get his “fifteen minutes of fame.” Despite these ugly claims on both sides, the pair managed to reconcile in 2014 and dated for a few months before finally calling it quits.


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