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15 Celebritys Who Met Their Partner On Social Media. You Will Not Believe No 5

4. Calvin Harris And Rita Ora

Before his highly-publicized and talked-about relationship with Taylor Swift, Calvin Harris was pretty serious with British singer Rita Ora. In fact, the pair dated for over a year between 2013 and 2014. Ora revealed that Harris reached out to her on Twitter before they met in real life, and when they did meet, it was instant chemistry. Although the pair have Twitter to thank for the beginning of their romance and a way for the two to make contact, it was also the platform on which they announced their breakup. The pair announced that they were separating on Twitter which was followed by a rather nasty feud, with both Harris and Ora sending tweets directed at one another that didn’t exactly contain loving and romantic sentiments. It’s clear that Harris is not great at ending relationships on good terms as his failed romance with Taylor Swift also seemed to end with the pair feeling resentment towards one another.

3. Wells Adams And Sarah Hyland

Wells Adams and Sarah Hyland are stars on two very different platforms, but thanks to the modern world of social media, these two were able to get their very first introduction. You will recognize Hyland for playing one of the stars on Modern Family and Wells for his stint on the Bachelorette. The pair recently fueled romance rumors when they were spotted out and about rocking a Stranger Things couple’s costume. However, since then, Wells has gotten rather candid in an interview, admitting that he and Hyland are an item and that the couple have Twitter to thank. “The internet — it’s amazing,” he joked when asked how they met and added, “I’m amazed how smart the internet is. Because I just assume everyone on Twitter is an idiot, and then I’m like, ‘Wow!’” When asked for more details about their relationship, he said it is all in his social media. “There’s nothing really to say. Like, if you want to know — to be fair, if you want to know anything, just look on my social media.” Only time will tell how things will unfold for these two, but right now, they have social media to be grateful to for their happy pairing.


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