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15 Celebritys Who Met Their Partner On Social Media. You Will Not Believe No 5

The phenomenon of internet dating has taken the world by storm. It’s no longer strange to reveal that you met your partner online rather than in a bar or out and about in the real world. With apps such as Tinder, this notion of internet dating has been made even easier and much quicker. The idea of meeting people online has even spread to social media platforms where it’s not uncommon for people to meet on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and Snapchat. Someone may see a picture or a post that someone put up and decide to message them. Often, this may lead to the people in question hitting it off, and before they know it, they are dating.

What is strange, however, is to hear that some celebrities out there, like mere mortals, have met their partners on social media. You may have just assumed that famous people would have no need to use social media as a way of finding someone to date, but the cases on this list prove that wrong. Some of the instances on this list involve celebs finding a regular person to date via the internet, and others show how the web is a useful tool for them to connect with other famous people they want to date.


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