Top 7 Easy And Best Way To Make Your Hair Curl. [Watch Video]

Top 7 Easy And Best Way To Make Your Hair CurlVoluminous, shiny curls are the easiest way to glam up your look. If you weren’t blessed with ’em naturally, there are a some super easy ways to get those waves on your own. We’ve rounded up the top time-efficient tutorials — because hey, who has time to spend all morning curling their hair?

1. 4 Minutes: Sock Bun

For those wary of the damage heat tools can do to your hair, this tutorial is exactly what you need. Follow along as YouTuber Emily Liu shows you exactly how to create a sock bun, wrap your hair around it, and create gorgeous curls. While this technically requires you to sleep on your hair for the magic to happen, the prep and styling take just a few minutes before bed — so simple!

2. 5 Minutes: The Ponytail Trick

Ready for the curling trick that will change your life? If you have barely any time to get ready and want to curl your hair as quickly as possible, pop it into a ponytail, separate it into a few sections, curl each section, then let down your hair. It really is that easy.

3. 5 Minutes: Small Iron, Big Sections

While you’ve always been told to use small barrel curling irons for small curls and larger barrels for large curls, this tutorial throws those theories out the window. In fact, it shows that if you wrap large chunks of hair around a small barrel, you can actually achieve large, loose ringlets.

4. 7 Minutes: Flexible Rollers

Spend a few minutes before bed twisting Goody Flexible Rod Rollers ($14, into damp, freshly conditioned hair, and you can wake up with amazingly silky, bouncy curls.

5. 8 Minutes: Section by Section

If you’ve always wanted to get those big, loose curls that you see on celebrities, follow this tutorial. By separating the top and bottom sections and curling each separately, you can make sure every inch of your hair is properly curled.

6. 10 Minutes: Alternate Directions

By switching back and forth between wrapping some pieces of your hair around a curling wand toward your face and some pieces away from your face, you can give even the straightest hair super-cute beachy waves.

7. 10 Minutes: Flat Iron

For shorter hair, you can still get totally gorgeous, natural-looking ringlets using a hair straightener. And if you have longer locks, this method works just as well. Even quicker: Just curl the bottom third of your hair for a soft bend toward the ends.

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