Facebook, Hooked, and other platforms are changing the way we read.

Facebook Messenger Maybe the next Place you will Read your next novel

Smartphone fiction is here. Will it last?

We aren’t actually a country of perusers. On a regular day, only 15 percent of men and 22 percent of ladies read for delight. In the most recent year, one out of four Americans haven’t perused a solitary book in any configuration—soft cover, book recording, or something else.

However, internet based life and cell phone application organizations figure they may have the answer for our perusing repugnance. From Silicon Valley heavyweights to bibliophile run new companies, endeavors to convey fiction to our cell phones are multiplying. While perusing a book in Facebook Messenger or “visit fiction” on Snapchat may appear to be odd, senseless, or monotonous, each new activity is pushing up against the limits of the book cover.


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