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Kylie Jenner forced to change ‘my main girl’ Ferrari caption on Instagram after she’s slammed by fans

Kylie Jenner was slammed by fans for referring to her flash car as her ‘main girl’ on Instagram, prompting her to swiftly change the caption.

The reality star, who welcomed daughter Stormi last month, previously revealed she was gifted a black Ferrari – worth around £1.2million – as a ‘push present’.Kylie Jenner forced to change 'my main girl' Ferrari caption on Instagram after she's slammed by fans

Showing off the car on Instagram on Monday, presumably after having work done to it, she wrote alongside the picture: “Picking up my main girl.”

But the caption didn’t go down well with her fans, who soon inundated the picture with comments slamming the star.

“What about your baby?” one asked.

And less than 30 minutes after the post had gone up, Kylie had changed the caption to: “Picking up my new bitch.”

But some fans were still less than impressed with the star flaunting her wealth, while others said that it wasn’t very baby friendly.

“Yeah, I’m sure it’s a great car for a newborn,” one swiped. “Where will Stormi go?” another asked.

And: “Uh where’s Stormi sitting in that thing?”

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