Hidden iPhone features can save your life – from secretly calling police to medical emergency information

Apple’s iPhone has numerous intelligent features built directly into the operating system which are designed that will help you out in troublesome or harmful circumstances.

Usually, these services can get misplaced under the third-party apps that everyone will get enthusiastic about – like social media or video games.

For instance, with iOS 11, Apple launched the ability to secretly lock down your iPhone and cell the police. It is a quick-fire method to do this if ever you find yourself in trouble and need assistance without making it apparent what you are doing.

Your iPhone can also serve as a record holder for all your personal medical information. This isn’t shared with Apple but is kept securely locked away on your phone. It can be set to display in the case of an emergency.

Here’s a useful breakdown of both these features:

Emergency SOS

The new “Emergency SOS” feature, spotted is launched by pressing the iPhone’s power button rapidly five times, while the phone is locked.

This prompts the phone to emit a siren sound, and start counting down from three, before automatically dialling 999 – the police will pick up the phone’s location and will respond accordingly.

If you’re worried about activating Emergency SOS by accident, you can adjust the settings on your phone to bring up a shortcut to dial the emergency services, rather than dialling them automatically.

There is also the option to set up emergency contacts, who will be sent a message with your current location whenever you activate the feature.

Medical ID

Inside Apple’s standard Health app is an option called Medical ID, which lets you create a list of medical conditions, such as allergies and current medication as well as important information like blood type.


It can be accessed from the lock screen in the event of an emergency.

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So if an paramedic arrives to the scene of an accident and you’re unconscious – your iPhone could save your life.

Here’s how to set it up

  • Open the Health app
  • Tap the Medical ID option on the bottom right of the toolbar
  • Choose ‘Create Medical ID’
  • Fill in all the relevant information
  • Enable the “Show When Locked” option

How it works

The Medical ID can be customised with a picture and date of birth.

When the lock screen appears, a small tab saying “Medical ID” will be visible when you swipe to enter an emergency call.

It means that a first responder or medical official can see your important information handily laid out, and it could mean the difference between life or death.

Privacy concerns

While Apple doesn’t store any of your personal medical information on its servers, your Medical ID will be viewable to anyone who can physically get to your phone.

If you ever want to delete your Medical ID, you can do so at the bottom of the edit screen.

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