“Donate Car To Charity California” 15 Rich Celebs That Lied About Donating To Charity

Many celebrities have been amazing about donating a large part of their fortune to charity. It really shows that they’re not all about money, and that they’re willing to part with their fortune in order to benefit all of humankind. But while this is undeniably a great thing for celebrities to do, many of them go about it in completely the wrong way. The worst thing is that donating to charity, or forming charities, is seen as “trendy” these days. Celebrities love to “hop on the charity bandwagon” without actually contributing anything of value. Some of the biggest celebrities are guilty of this, and the worst part is that many of them actually lie about it when confronted.

But that’s not the only way celebrities can be disingenuous when involving themselves with charity. Others intentionally mislead donors about where the money is actually going. Others accept money from shady business partners, or use their charities to avoid taxes, pay their friends huge salaries, or pursue even more nefarious activities. It’s possibly the worst thing you can do. Sometimes these celebrities have been ostracized for their activities, while in other cases, they simply go on with their lives, without any consequences whatsoever.

15. YouTube Star Lies About Donating Hair

Popular YouTuber Lele Pons has over 18 million followers, and is a major YouTube celebrity. As we all know, social media content creators like her are making millions from YouTube revenue, and they’re beginning to rival more mainstream, traditional celebrities. But if you know anything about YouTubers, you know that they’re definitely not free from drama and controversy. A great example of this was when Lele Pons claimed she had cut off her hair and donated it to charity, presumably for chemotherapy patients. But a few fans looked closely at the picture she posted, and began to ask questions.

One fan (who was later blocked) inquired, “Care to explain how you chopped off your ‘hair’ and ‘donated’ it @lelepons?? Last time I checked you can’t donate extensions.”

After much pressure and media attention, Lele Pons finally owned up to lying about it, saying, “To help clear up any assumptions, I cut my hair with the intention of donating it. Sadly after trying, I learned charities who donate wigs don’t accept color-treated hair.”

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