Til Death Do Us Part 2017 Movie First Review

Los Angeles 1985, Lisa ( Amalia Holl ) and Joseph ( Kevin Hoffer ) have decided to seal their love at a modest bridal ceremony. Completely sure of his decision, the boyfriend gives up his bulky agenda of conquests to his best friend on the day of his wedding.

On the other side of the coin Lisa, still insecure and jealous of Joseph’s former partners, sets in motion a voodoo spell to keep thoughts away from such a feminine presence. However, games with magic rarely go well although the ways of love are always inscrutable.

It has been almost two years since the Seville filmmaker Julián Lara left Spain to seek a fortune in the Mecca of cinema building this adventure from the ground up. Despite having a filmography consisting of 2 short films and a number of short films, Lara wisely chose to follow the Hollywood game with her own rules by graduating from the Los Angeles Film School (and we know she was wisely advised by some of the Spanish directors of success in the North American industry of the entertainment).

Till Death Do Us Part is the first work signed by Lara after his departure and comes to confirm (from the artistic point of view) that the atmosphere of Los Angeles feels very good to the Sevillian.

Lara dumps her films and phobias, such as her fascination with the Back to the Future trilogy , Sam Raimi’s hooligan movies, or the imagery of John Carpenter or George A. Romero , nothing new for those who know their trajectory, however. the new preparation of the cocktail has a new, mature and decidedly professional air in all aspects of the footage.

Till Death Do Us Part is a simple story, of real characters trapped in an extraordinary situation that is not a slave to gratuitous effects or fireworks.

On the other hand, to celebrate the success of this work it would be necessary to mention the great work of Ana Corbi as director of casting and production manager (as well as a funny cameo after the credits), the production design of Markos Keyto or the direction of photography by Jon Aguirresarobe (who has undoubtedly inherited his father’s talent). In addition, an applause for the cast of actors as a whole highlighting by its weight in the plot to Amalia Holl , Kevin Hoffer and the imposing presence of the veteran Lee de Broux ( Robocop , Chinatown , Pact of blood) in the role of the priest who will officiate the link.

In short, and about to begin the tour of festivals, Lara is right from Los Angeles to build a work of international invoice that restarts its race in a new league.Enjoy Hollywood 2017 Movies at just single click on movies4star safe links.

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