LADIES: 30 Things You Should Never Ever Say To Him If You Value Your Relationship

Men /men/ noun: 1. the simplest creatures to walk the face of the earth, synonyms: boys, big babies, hairy creatures, impassive nincompoops. That definition is about right! Men and women are genuinely two different peas in the same pod. Women are complex, men are simple. Women are emotional, men are rational. The difference between the genders is what makes the world go around. A man doesn’t want a woman that acts manly, and a woman doesn’t want a man that is softer than a Tempur-Pedic. Together, they are the perfect balance—the ying to the yang, the peanut butter to the jelly.

The gender contrast, however, does bring about challenges and dilemmas. Women and men clash all of the time. As a result, one gender usually gets upset that the other gender doesn’t think or behave the same way they do. But that’s never gonna happen! Women are not men, men are not women, therefore a man is not going to see things like a woman does and vice versa. What the two must do is meet somewhere in the middle. One place to start is learning how to communicate with one another. With that said, let’s begin with 15 things you should never EVER say to him.

30. “When Do You Think We’ll Move In Together?”

No man likes to be pressured. At this point, you’ll have zero chance to explore any future possibilities with your new guy if this is the first question that comes out of your mouth. Not only are you being pushy, but you’re being creepy as well.

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