Wonders! Meet the Popular Prophet Who Uses Snake to Heal Sick People (Photos+Video)

A Zimbabwean Prophet has left many people baffled following revelations that he can heal sick people using his huge black snake.

Prophet Madzibaba uses snake to heal people

A popular prophet is making waves in Zimbabwe for the unconventional method he uses to heal sick people. The Prophet known as Madzibaba uses a big black snake to heal any sickness and has a large congregation of people who are fascinated by his moves.

A video of him calling out to his congregants that he could heal them with a snake has since become a trendingl issue as people are now running to him for healing. In the video, he could be seen holding a large, black snake with a crowd of a few hundred people gathered around him all in awe.

He is heard chanting the phrase: “anga achirwara ndeupi? huya tione”, which in Shona, the most widely first spoken Bantu language, meaning: “who was sick, come let us see.” At the end of the video, one of the congregants stands up and walks towards Madzibaba for healing.

Many people in the country now hold him in high esteem as they go about looking for spiritual healing.

Watch video below:

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