She’s back! Geoffrey Edelsteon’s ex Gabi Grecko performs a sensual TOPLESS dance with her nipples obscured by flimsy crochet fabric

Geoffrey Edelston’s ex-wife Gabi Grecko, 27, came back swinging this Saturday when she shared a string of bizarre Instagram photos depicting her dancing topless with nothing but flimsy crochet flowers covering her nipples. 

‘It doesn’t have to make sense #This was 4/20 high,’ the former prostitute captioned one clip.

Completing the improvised ensemble was a pair of yellow-tinted aviator sunglasses and a pair of thick golden grills.

The denture accessory sparkled in the beauty’s second clip, but something appeared to be very awry with Gabi’s facial expression.

Resembling someone who’d just eaten a generous dose of hot chilli, she held her mouth slightly ajar, tossed her hair back and stared intently at the camera lens.

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