Mel B Is Using Our Divorce To Alienate Me From our Daughter – Stephen Belafonte

Singer Mel B’s estranged husband has accused her of deliberately
‘alienating’ him from their children as they go through an acrimonious
divorce battle.
In court papers seen by the
Daily Mail, Stephen Belafonte accuses the ex-Spice Girl of using a
temporary restraining order against him ‘as a sword rather than a
shield’ to stop him seeing the girls.

In his response filed at
the family court in Los Angeles on Thursday night, he claims her actions
have been ‘extremely detrimental’ to his daughter Madison, five, and
stepdaughter Angel, ten.

He claims that the two girls told
him: ‘Mommy is really mad at you and that’s why she won’t let us come
and see you.’ Belafonte urged the judge to grant him visitation rights
to the girls – even if he ‘has to be subjected to the imposition of a
monitor or an armed off-duty police officer!’

In addition to the 47-page formal response are photos, Instagram posts
and a text message screenshot from Angel – Mel’s daughter with Hollywood
actor Eddie Murphy – in which she tells Belafonte she loves him, and
asks where he is followed by a crying face emoji.

Belafonte, 41,
states he has been prevented from seeing the girls for more than three
weeks, or even speaking to or texting them, despite repeated requests.
His legal team want the judge to modify the restraining order to allow
him access.

He states: ‘I am in fear that Petitioner [Mel B] is
involving the children in the dispute and attempting to alienate me from
the children and is using the temporary restraining order as a sword
rather than a shield.

‘Further, it is clear Angel misses [the]
Respondent and desires to see him. On April 9 Respondent received a
series of heart-wrenching text messages from Angel stating “Hello
Daddy”, “I love you”, “Daddy?”, “Daddy”, “Where are you”. Angel followed
the last message with a crying emoji icon.

‘Unfortunately, due
to the temporary restraining order … Respondent was unable to respond
to Angel and let her know he loved her as well, that he was alright
[sic] and missed her and Madison very much and that he could not wait to
see them.

‘Shockingly, [Mel] was made aware of this and did nothing.’

also the judge: ‘I miss our children and am sure they miss me dearly. I
can only speculate that they must be wondering where I am or what has
happened to me, as I am unaware what Petitioner has told them, if

He says visitation rights are ‘in the children’s best
interests’, and claims Angel has not seen her real father since birth.
Instead, she refers to Belafonte as ‘Daddy’.

Although Belafonte
is not Angel’s biological father, he adds: ‘Angel and Madison … were
well bonded with Respondent who treated both children with equal love,
affection and care. To deny Angel and Respondent any contact and allow
contact only between Madison and Respondent would be extremely
detrimental to both children.

‘Angel will feel excluded and rightfully confused by her inability to have contact with the only father she has known.’

claims that he is the only parent to cook meals for the girls and that
he plays games, cuddles with them, reads them stories and is their
father figure.

He also states that the singer’s career – when she
was working on Dancing With The Stars (the US version of Strictly Come
Dancing) and on the Spice Girls world tour – meant that he ‘was also
actively involved in caring for our children’.

He added that up
until she filed the restraining order, Mel had ‘always praised my
parenting skills’ and on June 2016 posted an Instagram post where she
called him ‘the best daddy in the world’.


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